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Spiritually Speaking Ministry Purpose

Spiritually Speaking intends to change the world by changing one person at a time while focusing on internal, external and eternal well-being.

  • Internally, by encouraging self-examination including one’s ambitions, intentions and motivations as well as uncovering God’s purpose
  • Externally, by helping others and being active members of the community
  • Eternally, by integrating biblical principles in programs to build better personal relationships and inspire iotional and spiritual development

Our Founder

Spiritually Speaking – Journey of a Work In Progress

As I reflect on how I came to know God, I wish I could say an angel appeared to proclaim God’s purpose for my life and at that moment I surrendered to God as Savior and Lord—but that is not my reality.

Church-going was not a part of my early childhood. However, at age 12, as my mom and I were driving down the street, I asked her to stop at Faithful Baptist Church. Although going to church never became a family affair, I eventually joined the church and was baptized. However, it was years later when I came into relationship with God.

In my early 20s, I landed a dream job at Black Entertainment Television (BET). I partied at the hot spots, drank with the celebrities, dined at the finest restaurants, frequented five-star hotels and resorts and owned three homes.

Yet with all my WORLDLY accomplishments, I didn't have peace or joy. My "girls" and I were going through what I call the "GM life cycle": Get Money, Get Men. On the outside we were well paid, successful, and attractive, but inside we were empty, unfulfilled and spiritually bankrupt. In 1999, many of my "girls" started making their way back to church and invited me to come with them. I wish I could say it was the WORD that kept me coming back, but the six-foot LL Cool J honey in the third pew was the reason for the pep in my step on Sunday morning. When a pastor called me in front of the congregation and said I would lead hundreds of thousands of people to Christ. I thought, "whatever," and continued to vacillate between "the world" and "the walk." Then, while having breakfast with a friend, a stranger approached me and said, "God has a calling on your life. He's waiting for you." I thought, "Here we go again."

In 2000, I attended the annual New Year’s Eve candlelight vigil at From the Heart (FIH). I had no idea that FIH would be the place where my spiritual foundation would be formed and where I would develop a real relationship with God.

Soon after, my best friend sponsored my attendance to the 18th Annual Ebenezer Annual Women's Retreat, which changed my life forever. Not only was it my first experience being "touched" by the Holy Spirit, it was the first time I witnessed dynamic, anointed women of God in action. I always believed that Christian women were conservative, dry, and boring. But not these spirit-filled, anointed, St. John and Ellen Tracey-wearing, outspoken, bold, gifted women of God! I was intrigued by their passion and thought, "Where do I sign up for that? How can I give that passion to other people, especially young women?"

Making God Lord of my life, fasting, praying, and studying His Word have helped me find the passion I saw in those women at Ebenezer. As a single person who’s sold out to the Lord, I view my relationship with God in marital terms. For only with marriage to Him do we find our true purpose.


Towan Isom

Towan Isom
Founder and President
Spiritually Speaking